Archives: July 26, 2021

Skip find speaker test

The skip found speakers and drivers are perfect for the video wall I am currently building but lack power and quality on their own as they are only .half a watt in power. Still, with some testing, I found out A small speaker “box” that “captures” the sound coming out of either the front or back of the speaker will eliminate this problem. With an improvement in the tonal quality of the sound will be dramatically improved. A somewhat larger box will help with the deeper sounds the effect may have.

Alternately, a sound focusing tube can be used to prevent out-of-phase sound cancellation and can “aim” the speaker’s sound output in a direction appropriate for the application. Our 68mm diameter speaker uses a drain pipe as a Sound Focusing Tube is a perfect solution and can increase sound output by as much as four times.

fist test
test with drain pipe

Old technology is not dead; it just needs a new purpose

This week I came across many tiny speakers in the skip at work with their small preamp driver boards, so I collected the discarded speaker as I had been looking for a sound source for some time. On the first inspection, all covered in water from sitting in the rain, I thought it might be a wasted trip, but after letting them all dry out for a few days, I had a seven working pair of speakers for the video wall. Now the only problem next is how will I use them.

Amazin what people still put in skips, please recycle, I know that each speaker is only worth a few pounds each, but think about offering such items to charities or even free on social media next time you are going to trough them away

Right to repair movement gains power in US and Europe

Day 2 , Workshop 3

Day 2, workshop three and thoroughly tested the video wall complete; with the help of the attendees and some extra programming input from Andrew, we now have a fully working prototype of the final goal to produce a flexible video solution for any artist to use easily. All findings of this soloist will be freely available to anyone that would like to build a video wall or installation that requires videos to sequenced with each other.

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