Day 2 , Workshop 3

Day 2, workshop three and thoroughly tested the video wall complete; with the help of the attendees and some extra programming input from Andrew, we now have a fully working prototype of the final goal to produce a flexible video solution for any artist to use easily. All findings of this soloist will be freely available to anyone that would like to build a video wall or installation that requires videos to sequenced with each other.

Follow us for more information.

New Tag line for Media Lobotomy

Technology takes second place to ideas.

Our ethos, we concentrate on how to bring an idea to life with the resources at hand and the collective knowledge resources of media lobotomy. At media lobotomy, we believe that technology takes second place to ideas. So we are pulling the concept apart and putting it back together with what we have at hand if that be a recycled computer installed with Linux distros solving for today with the past.

Media Lobotomy Manifesto discussion group

This weekend was the first meeting of the Media Lobotomy Manifesto discussion group hosted on teams,

The session started with a talk from Media Lobotomys Peter Friend and then an open Q & A session about media lobotomy draft manifesto inviting you to contribute to the final manifesto.

No Knowledge is needed, just a desire to change the world.

No Idea is a Bad Idea,

The next meeting of this group will meet again 03/07/2012 to discuss the new Manifesto cerated from this weeks meeting. If you are interested and would like to join, please email for more details.